The Secrets of Internet Sales Success – Sell Anything and Everything!

 Step-by-Step Guide & Videos that I follow to sell digital products, Antiques, Estate Sales, Storage Auctions, Thrift Stores – I have sold over one million dollars of products online & was the former CEO of a brick and mortar & E-commerce conglomerate

Here is an example of three estate auctions that I went to and flipped the products using my step-by-step methodology to net over $16,000 in nine days working less than 40 hours total! I explain exactly how I purchase and locate the right items for maximum profit and eliminating virtually any risk of loss! I have personally taught online sales education classes and have helped create over 500 successful small business owners – most quit their jobs within the first month to do it full time. 


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What can you learn how to sell? I show you with informative pictures, videos and content how I can sell virtually everything and anything imaginable, some of those things include antiques, collectibles, vintage items, electronics, instruments, clocks, radios, sports memorabilia. I show you how I have made hundreds of products to sell using the most lucrative venues and marketplaces with my step-by-step eBooks and instructions. I reveal how I sell and buy wholesale items from all over the world with a few clicks and guarantees! I show you how I sell other companies products using niche drop ship companies. I show you how to create and sell by setting up your own websites in a matter of a few clicks for ridiculous profits! I also sell digital products that don’t cost a penny to make! That is just a taste of what I will be revealing!



This is my PayPal account on, I get to travel the world and earn income anywhere there is internet to make as much money as I feel like!



Secret Strategies to purchasing products without losing money or minimizing the risk

  • I will reveal my methodology using online research sites to determine exactly what a products resale value is so you never get burned
  • I will reveal exactly how much you should be paying for an item and explain gross profit margins, cost of goods sold and other financial related terms
  • I will teach you how to quickly assess the value of a storage locker, how to locate valuable items at estate sales and auctions, I will explain how I make on average $500 per visit to a thrift store and how to make huge profits at your local yard sale
  • I will teach you exactly how to locate places to buy inventory

I go in depth teaching you about the places to locate, buy and sell – Here are some of the places we get inventory

  • Personal Items
  • Consignments
  • Yard Sales
  • Thrift Stores
  • Estate Sales
  • Onsite Liquidation Auctions
  • Estate Auctions
  • Storage Auctions
  • Drop Shipping
  • Wholesale
  • Dumpsters, Junk Yards & Other Means (so even if you are flat broke, there is hope!)

Videos Included with this package include:

  • Buying products from business liquidation online auctions
  • Selling on sites like eBid and eBay
  • How to sell on the Facebook Marketplace
  • How to sell on GunBroker
  • Products I purchase at a thrift store in an hour making over $500
  • How to use a powerful listing tool known as Turbo Lister
  • Products I purchase at a business liquidation sale

Secret strategies to sell products

  • How to use online auction marketplaces, which ones will yield the highest profits, the fees associated
  • I teach you exactly how to write a sales description that will attract the highest amount of potential buyers
  • I’ll show you how to use forums, Facebook, Classified Ads sites and other hidden and untapped internet sites to sell and promote your products
  • I will show you how to sell products you don’t have to own by mastering the art of Drop Shipping
  • I will reveal how I sell products using print or create on demand costing me nothing to sell or create

Who is this package for, What skills are required? 

This system is designed for college students, stay at home moms, individuals looking to earn extra revenue, those interested in starting an online business and somebody looking for a profitable hobby! Limited internet skills are required, you must be able to use the internet to conduct research, you may need a vehicle if you are buying physical products, you may need to rent a truck if you purchase a storage auction and room in your house, garage or facility to store the products. You will need boxes and packaging material (which i’ll show you how I get free) if your shipping products. You must have basic computer skills and be able to follow step-by-step instructions. You will need a video player to watch the included videos such as Windows Media Player which is included in modern versions of Microsoft Windows.

What do you need to get started and generate similar results?

You will need to be motivated to make money, there are no start up costs unless you want there to be. You can sell products and receive payment and have a third party deliver the product to your customer, your profit will be the sales price minus the cost of the product and shipment. If you want to buy and sell physical products you will need a credit card or at least a few dollars depending on how fast you want to get started. Using a credit card you should be able to sell products before having to pay the bill.


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Here is what you will get in this package…
  • A few things I explain how to do like a pro!
    • dIncludes over 200 pages of detailed how to buy and resell both online and offline
    • dDetailed step-by-step plan of attack for success
    • dPictures and Images to guide you
    • dLearn to buy at Storage Auctions, Estate Sales, Estate Auctions, Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and More
    • dLearn how to build and sell your own products with guides how to build and create them
    • dLearn how to buy wholesale and drop ship products
    • dLearn how to sell using online auction sites
    • dLearn how to sell domain names and websites
    • dLearn how to sell using online marketplaces
    • dLearn how to sell on your own website

    ………And that doesn’t scratch the surface!!!


Who is this package created for?

  • Anybody seeking to learn how to buy, sell, create and build products and services online and offline – this includes those who have never sold anything before and want to learn to those who are seasoned professionals seeking to expand their selling venues and product lines.
  • Online Auction and Marketplace sellers (eBay, Amazon, iOffer, Zazzle, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc)
  • Domain Name and Expired Domain Name Investors, Domain Name Parking and Flipping
  • Website Developers and Resellers
  • People seeking to make their own E-Commerce, Blog, Forum, Directory and Social Media websites for selling or developing
  • Anyone looking to learn or grow their knowledge of Storage Auctions, Estate Sales, Estate Auctions, Business Liquidations
  • Individuals or businesses who want to learn how to drop ship products and buy and resell wholesale products from around the world.
  • College students, Stay at home parents and those who need to earn some extra income on the side while working from home or on campus.
  • Individuals seeking a career change and want to learn how to make a living on their own
  • People who want to travel the world, just bring your laptop with you and make money from anywhere you have access to the internet!
  • Individuals seeking a real work at home opportunity
  • and just about anyone else with a pulse

What countries is this site suited for?

  • World Wide! Most of what you’ll learn here can be applied anywhere in the world!

What languages are available?

  • All videos are currently produced in English only, but the rest of the site and content can be translated into any language you desire with Google’s Free Translate service.

Every student is different, I cannot guarantee any amount of money you can make with this package – it really is up to you, I have helped create millionaires and also watched students not apply themselves and lose money.

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BTW…I think I got your record beat I made over $30,000 in two weeks using your strategies…”

Sarah Lynn
, Age 31

Orlando, Florida


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